Monday, May 31, 2010

Yes! Chalean Extreme will be coming with me on vacation...

I will be headed to visit my sister and BFF this week. Since I just started my new workout program I decided NOT to take the week off. The Chalean workouts are at most 4o minutes...I think I can spare that while on vacation! I went to Wal-Mart and bought a set of resistance bands for easy travel...I should be set! Now all I gotta worry about is keeping my diet on track. I don't want to reverse all I've worked towards in 6 days!

Keep pushing play!

Monday, May 24, 2010

So far so good...

As of today I've completed 3 Chalean Extreme workouts. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty sore! It amazes me how one can think they are in pretty good shape, start a new program and realize how different each program actually is. I've completed P90x a few times and it was hard...very hard. Now that I've started Chalean Extreme, I've become sore in places that were never sore during P90X.

That being said, I think that is why I'm so excited to be doing something different! Even though I've only been on the program 3 days, I can definitely tell a difference...especially in my arms! (Which is one of my problem areas)

If there's anyone who is currently on ANY program, I'd love to hear your story! Tell me about your results, struggles, and triumphs...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Check out this AMAZING transformation!

Ok, so I did the first workout in the Chalean Extreme series and I gotta say...THAT WENT FAST! I am so used to doing P90X hour long workouts, the 35 minutes I did today was a breeze! Before I did the DVD, I got in a 2.5 mile run. I was done with that AND Chalean by 9:00am. Not bad!

If you want motivation for YOUR workouts, join my team on BeachBody! You can schedule your workouts in the WOWY Gym and shop the BeachBody products that I offer. I, along with the rest of my group, will do our best to keep you motivated!

Any questions? Send them my way!

Keep pushing play!



Friday, May 21, 2010

Let Summer Commence!

That's right, I'm off work for the summer! (One of the many benefits of being a teacher.)

I must say that I am VERY excited to get down to business with my BeachBody goals this summer. I know, I know...some would say I'm crazy for wanting to take my physical fitness even further. Do I have pounds to lose? Maybe not. I DO want to polish up my diet and get my muscles more defined? Definitely. Just like all of you, I have things about myself that I don't like and I want to change.

With the end of school festivities behind me I will be able to concentrate on MAKING time to show up on work out days. No more "I'm too busy" excuses! Now I have nothing but time. Time I promise to use wisely. Time I will use to help anyone who joins my team on Time I will use to motivate and support those who want to make a change for the better.

For those of you who think you DON'T have time, find people like you on my website and realize you are not alone. All it takes is determination and the right people supporting you.

If anyone has questions about where to start their journey, let me know! Email me, send me a message on Facebook or let me be your coach!

Keep on keepin' on!

P.S.-I will be celebrating three graduations this weekend. Congratulations to DJ, Ty, and Wes! Way to go guys! I am so proud of you!

Chalean Extreme

Hello all,
I have done a trial run of a couple of the Chalean Extreme workouts. What I did I liked. ALOT! I will be starting the entire program on Saturday. If anyone is interested in joining me on my Xtreme journey, check out the video above. You can also join my Team at Even if you don't want to do Chalean Extreme I recommend joining my team. There is tons of motivation and support available there! Email me if you have any questions...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well, this is interesting.

It's official!

I've made the leap! I am now an official Independent BeachBody Coach! Anyone out there that would like more information on any of the BeachBody product (P90X, Chalean Extreme, or Shakeology) shoot me a message! I am ready to help all of you achieve your fitness goals!

Click on any of the banners on this page and it will directly take you to my BeachBody website.